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Period is a normal physiological phenomenon that every cisgender woman will face, but for a long time, it has brought some troubles to women: the weakness and pain brought by period itself, as well as the fragile feeling that women are forced to be attached to; the lack of sex education brought about by the helplessness, hesitation; the discrimination and criticism of social custom to period... 

I interviewed more than a dozen women and collected bloodstained photos of period from some of them. Through the communication with them, we can easily observe that women themselves are gradually opening up. In their words, they yearn for the taboo of period to be broken, because for women period is just a daily event that happens every month and needs to be repeated for decades, but they are still hindered a lot. 

People should know that growth, illness, aging... These are the most normal physiological changes. Women, don't be afraid, it’s normal that the color of period blood is diverse, it’s normal that everyone’s period has different performance, it’s normal that you might be sick... We need to get more people to eliminate discrimination and prejudice against period and "talk about it normally," as most women said. 

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